Clark Salisbury


Accomplished digital audio specialist with over 20 years of sound design experience. Proficient in all aspects of recording, editing and mastering audio, with a particular emphasis on the design and production of synthesized and sampled sound sets for professional digital musical instruments. Have developed a number of specialized, proprietary techniques for manipulating digital audio, with an emphasis on creating efficient, realistic sound libraries. Featured in The Business Journal of Portland in a 1998 article, “A New Kind of Music Gig”, available online at


Jan 1982 - Present       Audio Architect

• Currently working with Northstar Production to create extremely small General MIDI sound libraries for use in portable devices. More information is available at

• Supplied a number of sounds for wave-ROM to a well-known European manufacturer of cell phones. 2003.

• Designed pre-beta test instruments for Prism, a physical-modeling software synthesizer developed by 3Com. 2000 - 2001.

• Created General MIDI sound libraries for EuPhonics. These sets helped them to win several major contracts, in competition with other major suppliers including Korg and Eye & I Productions. 1994 – 1998.

• Created General MIDI sound libraries for Conexant. These sets passed Fat Labs General MIDI compatibility certification on the first try. The largest of these is currently marketed by Tascam for use with their Gigasampler. 1995 – 1997.

• Created factory sounds and demo sequences for Yamaha’s SY series and A3000 sampler. 1994 - 1998.

Created General MIDI sound libraries for Crystal Semiconductor. These sets passed Fat Labs General MIDI compatibility certification on the first try. 1995 – 1997.

• Designed filters and supplied wave-ROM for Emu’s Z-plane series of instruments. Over 40 of the filters were included in the final production instruments. 1996.

• Created sound libraries and performed editing of General MIDI sound libraries for Eye & I Productions. 1995.

• Created factory sounds and demo sequences for Peavey’s DPM and Spectrum series synthesizers and samplers. Provided digital audio samples for inclusion in Spectrum series wave-ROM. 1992 – 1994.

• Created factory sounds for Alesis QS8 synthesizer. 1996.

• Created factory sound sets (the sounds the instruments shipped with) for most Ensoniq synthesizers, including the ESQ series, EPS series, ASR series, SQ series, MR series, VFX series, TS, series, and KS series. 1986 – 1996.

• Created and marketed sound libraries for several electronic instruments, including Roland Juno, Jupiter, and L/A series; Yamaha DX-7; and instruments from Korg, Kawai, and Ensoniq. 1982 – 1986.

• Created the first after-market set of sounds for a synthesizer (the Roland Juno-60 and Korg Polysix) in 1982.

Jan 2002 - Present       Radio Production

• Have been in charge of technical production and engineering for the award-winning public radio series "Wisdom Of The Elders." In charge of all technical issues and audio production for the series of 24 hour-long programs, as well as script editing and recording. 2002 - present. Examples of my work can be found at

• Provided recording and engineering services for independent radio producers of pieces broadcast on Public Radio's "Life 360" and "The Savvy Traveler." 2002 - present.

• Engineering and production for award-winning radio producer Dmae Roberts on programs including "Miracle on the Streets," (recent winner of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalism Award), and "The Breast Cancer Monologues". 2002 - present. Examples can be found at

• Production and engineering for "Crossing East", eight one-hour documentaries on Asian immigration to this country. Currently in production. More information is available at

Jan 2003 - Present       Web Design

                                    Independent Contractor

• Designed and implemented the website and Flash presentation for the site Coming Home: The Return of the Alutiiq Masks.

• Designed, administer and maintain "Wisdom of the Elders" website.

• Designed, administer and maintain "Turtle Island Storytellers Network" website.

• Designed and implemented the site Museum Media Inc.

Jan 1989 - Present       Technical Writing

                                    Independent Contractor

• Created promotional materials and applications notes for Kawai Corporation in 1987.

• Authored the book, Programming The Ensoniq SQ-80, published by Alexander Publishing 1988.

• Authored the owner's manual for Midipaint, the professional sequencing program from Southworth Music Systems in 1989.

• Wrote feature articles and authored the monthly questions and answers column in the Transoniq Hacker, the international newsletter for Ensoniq equipment users from 1986 to 1989. An archive of some of these issues can be found at

• Produced owner’s manuals (including all page-layout), product and sound library databases, dealer training and promotional materials, press releases, and product comparison studies under the direction of Ensoniq’s marketing department for a variety of their products from 1986 to 1996.

• Published a number of how-to articles in industry magazines including Keyboard, Electronic Musician, and Gig Magazine from 1988 to 2001. An example can be found at

Jan 1986 - Present       Music Composition and Production

                                    Independent Contractor

• Created or aided in the creation of factory demo sequences for Yamaha, Emu, Peavey, Korg, Crystal Semiconductor, and Intel

• Have produced music for several video projects, including the award-winning PBS documentary "Kids In Crisis – Robert’s Story"

• Created the soundtrack for computer-animation pioneer Jane Veeder's piece, "Floater," a commission for the 1984 Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria

Jan 1984 - Present       Recording Engineer

                                    Independent Contractor

• On-call engineer with Northstar Productions. Clients have included Farcry, Enthousiasmos, Linda Lybeck and others.

• Owner/operator of Virtual Music, a project studio focusing on music production, voice-overs, jingle production, and library music production. My clients have included Firstcom and Mokol Music (music libraries), Studio 360 and the Savvy Traveler (public broadcasting), OPB (local public broadcasting affiliate), several local radio stations, and many local artists, including Duffy Bishop and Henry Cooper.

Jan 1988 - Jan 1994    Consulting

                                    Independent Contractor

• Consulted with Ensoniq Corp. in the design of their sound development management program. Developed system for tracking sounds and sound development and for automating the sound documentation process. Authored the Ensoniq Developer’s Handbook, the system of guidelines used by their sound developers in the creation of original sounds, 1992 to 1994.

• Consulted with Rodgers Organ on the development of MIDI systems for their electronic organs. Provided training for their sales people. 1990.

• Aided in the development of Ensoniq’s beta testing program; designed databases for testers to use in reporting software/hardware problems; worked with them to iron out the bugs in the electronic telecommunications system they ultimately used for software problem reporting. 1994.

Feb 1982 - May 1992   Sales Manager

                                    Portland Music Company

                                    Portland, OR

• Managed the electronic instrument and recording department at Portland Music Company, Oregon’s largest locally owned musical instrument retailer. Developed sales promotions and sales training for employees.  Made buying decisions for electronic instrument and recording departments.

Jan 1977 - Present       Professional musician

• Currently performing and touring with The Brothers of the Baladi (Middle-Eastern influenced fusion), and playing local gigs with the Kathy Walker Band (R'n'B), The New Iberians (Zydeco), and The BlueJayz (R'n'B/Blues).

• Professional guitarist working primarily in the Pacific Northwest, with occasional tours to other parts of the US.

• Recording session musician supporting local artists, including Lynn Frances Anderson, soul-singer Ural Thomas, and Russian artist, Elena Maxson.